Villa del Cigliano

The whole property continues to reflect the unchanged character of a classical and traditional Tuscan wine estate, combining the Villa and the farm, which still continues to produce wine, “Vin Santo” and extra virgin olive oil.

The Villa, built in the second half of the 15th century on a pre-existing medieval site, was bought by Alessandro di Niccolò Antinori and still belongs to the descendants of this family.

The interior rooms of the Villa still preserve its Renaissance character. In the courtyard above the arches of the loggia you can admire two enamelled terracotta coats of arms of the Antinori and Tornabuoni families, which are attributed to Giovanni della Robbia.

The surrounding walls enclose a beautiful hidden garden whose characteristics date back to the second half of the XVII century. A monumental large and deep fish pond was also built, in which both the Baroque façade of the Villa and the nymphaeum are reflected. The nymphaeum is characterized by an impressive statue of Neptune and is decorated with shells and coloured marbles and embellished with grotesques.

Underneath the Villa, there are the historical cellars which are still in use for the ageing process of the wine and also the “orciaia”, a magnificent storage room for olive oil housing, a collection of ancient terracotta jars.